Skinny Doberman Asks Just For A Hearty Meal And A warm Bed

A Doberman, in need of assistance appeared in someones backyard. He was extremely malnourished. It surprised the homeowner that he could still stand on his own. However despite his condition he wagged his tail as if he understood that his life was about to take a turn. 

The homeowner promptly dialed Stray Rescue of St. Louis to seek help for the dog. This phone call marked the beginning of a chapter in the dogs life. Let me share with you the inspiring story of Albus, a Doberman who refused to let his challenging start dictate his future.

Donna from Stray Rescue of St. Louis couldn’t believe her eyes when she came across the Doberman she had ever encountered. She wasn’t sure if someone had abandoned him in the neighborhood or if he had wandered there on his own. One thing was crystal clear – he was barely hanging on by a thread. Donna knew she had to act to rescue this creature.

Upon receiving the call about Albus Donna wasted no time. Immediately rushed to assess the situation. She expressed her appreciation to the homeowner, for reporting the dogs condition. Assured him that Stray Rescue of St. Louis would do everything possible to aid in the dogs recovery process.

The man felt a sense of relief upon hearing this. Donna could tell that he genuinely cared about the well being of the animal.

Approaching the weak Doberman Donna kindly asked if she could assist him. With care she gently placed a leash, around Albuss neck. Guided him into the rescue vehicle. The dog seemed to understand that he was being saved and followed Donna allowing her to lift him into the vehicle where he could finally find rest.

It didn’t take long for a foster volunteer to arrive and take responsibility for caring for the Doberman. Under the nurturing and attentive supervision of his mom the undernourished dog started regaining strength and good health. She provided him with all treatments, nutritious meals and emotional support needed for a complete recovery.

After receiving his heartworm treatment Albus looked like a different dog. His emaciated body had filled out his coat gleamed with healthiness. His eyes sparkled with vitality. Donna was amazed by this transformation. Couldn’t express gratitude, towards the dedicated and compassionate foster volunteer.

It’s hard to say whether the foster mom will decide to keep and adopt the Doberman herself. Donna strongly believes that he will become a part of her home. Regardless of where he ends up one thing is certain. Thanks, to the love and care provided by Stray Rescue of St. Louis and the dogs foster mom, Albus now has a chance at life. Watch the video below to witness his transformation! You won’t even recognize him anymore! We are incredibly grateful, for Albuss rescue. We’re sure you will be too!

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