Even Martha Stewart’s Cat Knows How To Make Sitting In A Bowl Look Classy

We all know Martha Stewart, the modern goddess of hearth and home, knows how to make anything look elegant. And it should come as no surprise her cats have the same knack. Take, for example, her Persian calico, Empress Tang.

Stewart recently posted a picture of the lady cat sitting in a porcelain bowl on Instagram, and fans went wild for the fluffy cat’s style, collecting over 31,000 likes in just a few days.


It’s not the first time Stewart—original influencer, friend to Snoop Dogg, and fan of bowls—shared photos of her cats. Empress Tang and her sister, Princess Peony, have been part of the Stewart’s Bedford, NY family farm since 2009 when their devoted mom adopted them from Top Shelf Persians.

They were just tiny floofs of 4 months old when they joined the family, but now, as their photos evidence, they’ve grown into fine cats.

When the Dogs Are Away…

To celebrate what she dubbed “Feline Friday the 13th,” the Martha Knows Best star posted a collection of cat photos to Instagram, writing, “My cats feel liberated because the four dogs are away on vacation. Leaving the cats alone in the house to roam, relax, recover!!!”

And the pictures indeed show cats just chilling. But Tang and Peony may have a little more style to their chill than most of us. Just look at the beautiful Empress artfully stretched out by a glass jar.


It’s evident Tang and Peony have it good, and Stewart has shared some of the ways she keeps her cats living well.

Cat Advice from the Queen of Home

In between tapings for various shows and publishing regular books, Stewart shares homemaking tips with the Today Show on a regular basis, and as she loves her cats, she explained what she does to keep them in top form.

#1 – Keep Kitty Clean

As she has cats with fur that requires a good amount of maintenance, Stewart feels bathing is good for cats, telling Today, “You take baths! Why wouldn’t you want to keep your cat clean?”


“Cats like to be bathed, especially Persian cats. They like grooming. House cats, I find, if you bring them up right, they absolutely love to be groomed. They love to be washed, nails to be cut, faces to be washed every day, their ears to be cleaned very gently.”

But be sure you start young in bathing your cat. As Stewart explains, “If they’re not brought up with bathing, then forget it because you’re going to have scratches all over your arms and bites on your hands.”

#2 – Keep Kitty Comfy

The 80-year-old cat mom loves giving her cats the gift of comfort, placing her very own Martha Stewart line of cat beds in sunny spots all over the house. But don’t just chase the sun with cat beds.

Stewart suggests, “If there’s a cozy, cozy spot like near your dryer in your laundry room, create a bed there. They love that.”


#3 – Keep Kitty Litter Tidy

As most cat parents know, the litter box can be a source of stress for both cats and humans. But Stewart follows the golden rule of a litter box for each cat, plus at least one more, ensuring everyone has their own potty space, relating:

“I have five litter boxes because I don’t want them doing anything anywhere but in the litter box, and Persians are a little notorious for being a little inconsiderate.”

While they might be a little purrsnickety, Empress Tang and Princess Peony are contented cats living their best life with a mom who knows the importance of keeping cats happy and healthy!

Want to know more ways you can keep cats happy? Here are the 10 Top Tips For Helping Your Cat Live Her Best Life.

H/T: www.mashed.com
Feature Image: @marthastewart48/Instagram

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