Two Lonely Kittens Become Best Of Friends In Foster Mom’s Care

Though the families they were born to were gone, two kittens found family in each other when foster care brought them together. Monique and Stranger Danger were both kittens alone, each doing their best to fatten up on formula so they could grow up big and strong for a forever home one day. But, as singletons with no feline mom or siblings to play with, Monique and Stranger Danger were lonely little kittens.

A kitten’s first weeks with their with mom and siblings gives them the skills and knowledge of how to be a cat. Kittens learn not only how to play and that mom is the best milk bar, but they also learn how to communicate with other felines as well as the rest of the world. Missing out on this important time of socialization can leave kittens vulnerable and lonely. But cat fosters know just what to do when they receive singletons and the results are usually adorable and fluffy friendships!


Becoming Best Friends

Monique found herself on her way to Stranger Danger’s side after she was born at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA) in Virginia to an unwell mother. Her three siblings didn’t survive, leaving her alone in the hands of critical care foster Paula. But she wouldn’t be a lonely kitten for long.



Stranger Danger, known as SD for short, was also there in Paula’s care, but the sudden arrival of a litter of 4-week-old kittens weighing in like 2-week-old babies created a change in the foster rosters for Paula and fellow fosterer Penny Richards. In what she called a “wild ride,” Penny received the underweight litter of flame point kittens, but one look at them revealed they were in bad enough shape, they needed Paula’s critical care expertise.

So, an exchange was made to ensure all the kittens got the best possible care. And for Penny, she earned the treat of two adorable kittens who were meant to be family and best friends. Together, Monique and SD thrived.


Night and Day Purrsonalities, Still Best Buds

Both adorable and just a week apart in age, Monique and SD show how different kittens can be.

According to Penny, “Monique is such a lovebug.”


After a big bowl of chow, she loves to flop into Penny’s lap for belly rubs. She’s an easy to please sweetheart, but SD, on the other paw, is quite the drama king who demands satisfaction.

“SD is the king of complainers, and sings me his song of sorrow all day long. Anyone would think this chonky boy was being underfed.”


But what do the two have in common?

“These two are some of the chunkiest kittens in town,” Penny said. “Especially SD with his full-bodied figure.”


“Move over avocado bod, watermelon bod is in this summer.”

These adorable kittens were once lonely babies, but now, Monique and SD have found family and friendship in each other while enjoying the magic of rescue and foster care.

Feature Image: @fosterkittenhq/Instagram

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