Cat And Her Kitten Son Are Best Friends Finding Forever Together

From Ashley’s Kitten Academy, here’s the adorable tale of a tabby cat and her mini-me!

Scarlet was a shy tabby cat girl when she entered into foster care with Ashley, the Youngest Old Cat Lady. And the young kitty wasn’t feeling well, spiking a fever of 105 degrees because of an abscess on her side.

As she shared on Instagram, Ashley suspected, “She most likely had been bitten by a cat a few weeks ago.”

But the experienced foster mom felt confident Scarlet would feel better with antibiotics, which would in turn fire up her lagging appetite. Scarlet regaining her health was important for her own good and the good of her newborn son.


Scout was only a few days old when he arrived with his mom, and Ashley explained having a mom with one kitten was pretty unusual for her. It was clear right from the start, “this little boy is going to get so spoiled.”

Not only was Ashley enamored with Scout, but his mom was quite concerned over her boy too. Every time Ashley would take Scout for routine care, Scarlet stood close by, wearing the cutest expressions while keeping a close eye.



It wasn’t just her mom-worry making these silly faces appear, though. Scarlet was missing her upper canines, a mystery as she was so young. But there was no mistaking the messages in her silly expressions…“Give me back my babe!”

The bond between the mom and her kitten was already clear!


Mom Gets Better

The abscess on Scarlet’s side soon healed, and the mommy cat was definitely feeling better. Scout reaped the benefits of being the only kitten at the milk bar, fattening up into the cutest little fluff that looked just like his mama.

Plus, as Scarlett got healthy, Ashley would spy her playing with toys, but the tabby cat wouldn’t just leave them when she was done. As a good mom, Scarlet wanted Scout to learn about the fun of cat toys too, so she would carry them to the nest for her little boy.



Soon, Scout was ready for more room to run, and the tabby family moved into a larger space. While Scout took full advantage of his new kitty playground, Scarlet’s shy nature had her running for the hiding spots. She couldn’t resist her kitten’s antics, though. Scarlet and Scout were soon right at home in their space, both cat and kitten making the leaps and bounds that readied them for the forever home on their horizon.

Pleased at the progress, Ashley said, “So proud of mama Scarlet as she comes out and into the open more often! “


Finding Forever Together

As Ashley watched Scarlet and Scout together, she understood the bond between them. It was more than mother and kitten; the pair were best friends too. So, “the copy and paste family” would need to stay together. And finding that home for the tabby twins proved no problem! Scarlet and Scout are now settled at home together with forever mom, Naiya.



Follow the Life of Scarlet and Scout on Instagram to keep up with this sweet tabby and her mini-me!

Feature Image: @youngestoldcatlady/Instagram

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