Cat Carries Her Pink Bear To Food Bowl And Teaches It To Eat

We are crazy about our cats for so many reasons. They are affectionate, compassionate, and loyal to their families through thick and thin. But what some people don’t know about cats is they are also hilarious. Felines are known for knocking things down, leaping to unrealistic heights, and jumping out from hiding places to give us a fright. Cats can also be ridiculously charming! When my cat locks her eyes with mine, I turn to putty. This endearing video came across my desk, and I just had to share it! If you love kitties, you’ll LOVE this!

In the video, a woman’s cat took a stuffed bear from the couch. The pink little toy was the kitty’s favorite and instantly stole her heart. She not only loved it– she wanted to take care of it. The woman had no idea what she was up to when she carried it in her mouth across the kitchen floor.

It seemed as if the cat was on a mission, so her mom filmed her every step. The kitty walked to her food bowl. Her mom expected her to stop for a nibble and maybe a drink of water, but NOPE! The cat had something else in mind.

She placed the pink bear by her bowl. Okay, this wasn’t totally out of the ordinary. Mom figured she wanted to toy beside her to keep her company. But then the sweetest thing occurred. The cat actually propped the bear in front of the food bowl, making sure its head could reach the kibble. The cat was teaching the toy how to eat!

It doesn’t get much cuter than this, folks! Play the short video below to experience your new favorite kitty video! I promise it will melt your cat-lovin’ heart!

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