Senior Cat’s TikTok Adoption Story Viewed By More Than 2M Cat Lovers

There’s something special about senior cats, and TikTok user @tiffpeter agrees. Spying a handsome tabby cat at a local pet store, she quickly fell for nine-year-old Peter. And after leaving PetSmart, the smitten cat lover couldn’t stop thinking about him. That night, she filled out an adoption application. The next day, Peter came home.

The happy cat mom shared Peter’s journey home on TikTok. And 2.5 million people have already watched the video, so it seems safe to say senior cats have a mega fanbase! Wouldn’t all the cantankerous old lovebug kitties be thrilled to know?

Welcome Home Old Man Tab

At nine years old, tabby cat Peter is entering his senior status with something to celebrate. Peter has finally found his forever home!

And now that he’s been home a few weeks, Peter has decided his parents are pretty great. They give him yummy snacks, comfy beds and blankies, and lots of toys that make him feel like a kitten!

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But for all pleasure at finding his family, he’s not a cat who talks much. As his mom commented, “Peter rarely meows, he honks n he bleps bcause he doesn’t hv front teeth n only 1 fang left.”

With his honks, bleps, purrs, and head butts, Peter speaks volumes on the love he has for his parents!

Mr. Popular

It didn’t take Petter long to gather 32,000 followers and over a million likes on TikTok. And it’s no wonder. His genteel ways and handsome face captivate! Fans have poured the sugar out for the sweet senior cat, with one fan writing, “You can literally see his body language change when you got him home..Simply Beautiful.”

Another commented, “he has such a beautiful soul.”

And another pleaded, “pretty pretty please pet Peter for me. I’m crying. I’m so happy he has a home now.”

We agree with all of the above! Give Peter pets and nose boops from the cat minions at iHeartCats!

If you’re thinking about adopting a cat, consider a senior cat for these great reasons:

  • Senior cats often go overlooked in shelters, but they still have so much love to give.
  • Older kitties tend to settle in quickly and require less supervision than busy kittens.
  • If you love to nap, the senior felines make purrfect sleeping buddies with their need for tons of snoozing.
  • You know just who you’re getting when you meet a senior cat, as older cats have well-established personalities.

If you have a cat approaching elder status, check out these 8 Ways To Help Ease Your Cat Into Their Senior Years. Your elder will thank you!

Feature Image: @tiffpeter/TikTok

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