Hit By Car, Cat “Hobbles” Into Forever Home Thanks To Fund-Raising Kindness

In his short time here, Apollo, a one-year-old ginger cat, has seen the worst and the best. The worst began when Apollo was hit by a car two weeks before Christmas. Left with a broken jaw and leg, Apollo needed help, but he was on his own. Thanks to the strong will of felines, Apollo limped and crawled his way into Fallon Phillips’ Danville, Virginia, yard and onto the front porch.

While still in the throes of his worst times, his best times started growing roots when Apollo met Fallon. And the best just kept getting better when Jennifer Miller started a GoFundMe to cover the costs of the expensive surgery the sweet kitty required.

“Just Hobbling Around”

When Fallon’s dogs started barking, the investigation into their uproar brought her a surprise.

“I heard a ‘meow,’” Fallon told the Danville Register & Bee. “I looked and saw that pitiful little orange cat just hobbling around.”

Going out onto the porch, Fallon shared, “he started rubbing against my leg.”

The pair spent the next hour together, and realizing the severity of Apollo’s injury, Fallon started making calls. She called local vets, only to learn the help Apollo needed was more than she could afford. But fortunately, Fallon’s phone call to a neighbor put her in contact with Jennifer Miller.

With Fallon agreeing to adopt Apollo, Jennifer started the GoFundMe to raise funds for the surgery the tough cat needed.

Taking Apollo to Cherrystone Veterinary Hospital in Chatham, Fallon reported, “they had bathed him and checked him for diseases and they updated his vaccines, gave him his rabies shot, gave him antibiotics and cleaned his wounds.”

Cherrystone couldn’t do the surgery on his leg, though, as the procedure required the placement of plates and screws.

Kindness Covers Surgery Costs

But on Christmas Eve, Dr. Al Henry of Peaks View Animal Hospital in Lynchburg performed the intricate surgery on Apollo. He also neutered the tomcat too.

“He ended up having a plate with six screws and a pin in his left leg. He [Henry] discounted me several hundred dollars, which was amazing. He was absolutely amazing.”

The cost for such surgery usually runs around $3,500, but thanks to Dr. Henry’s discount, the bill came to $2,669. At the time, donors had generously given a little more than $2,000, leaving Fallon still owing about six hundred dollars. Moved by the generosity, Jennifer came to the rescue and supplied the rest of the money.

screenshot, Danville Register & Bee/YouTube

Now, Apollo is happy and healing in his forever home with mom Fallon and dog siblings Juno and Luna, both Shih Tzu/Yorkie mixes. Fallon said the dogs and Apollo already love each other, and her new cat “just purrs and purrs.” Already, he’s decided his mom’s pillow is a perfect place for napping and healing.

Updating the GoFundMe page, Jennifer shared, “He still has a ways to go to get full mobility back with that leg but thanks to the kindness and generosity of ALL OF YOU he is well on his way! I can never ever express how grateful I am to this cat-loving community!”

Apollo’s Mission

With news of the resilient cat spreading, Apollo’s GoFundMe quickly raised enough money to cover any further treatment and more. Jennifer explained all additional funds would go to shelter cats in need of medical help. With the goal met, Jennifer closed the page to donations. But after the outpouring of support from the cat lovers of the nation, Jennifer announced, “We have decided to open donations back up to build ‘Apollo’s Mission’ fund.”

“Again there are no words sufficient to express how grateful we are! Here’s to helping many deserving cats in need!”

Now, Apollo is on his way to his best life in the arms of a family who loves him. Plus, this kitty can nap well on his mom’s pillow, knowing cats in need will find help in his honor. Happy healing, Apollo!

H/T: www.people.com
Feature Image: screenshot, Danville Register & Bee/YouTube

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