Brave Maine Coon Cat Swims to Her Owner

Most cats don’t like water. They avoid it whenever they can. But there are always exceptions. This story is about a special Maine Coon cat that loves to swim. This Maine Coon cat is braver than most!

Maine Coon cats are big and come from Maine, USA. They were once used to catch mice on farms and ships. Besides their size, Maine Coons are great pets. This Maine Coon takes her first careful steps into the water to meet her owner.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

She slowly puts her paws in the water and looks ahead. What is she looking at? Her owner is waiting across the water, calling softly to her.

Will she be brave enough? Yes, she is!

She goes deeper into the water, not just her paws. That’s why they put a collar on her for safety. This cat gets to explore the outdoors in fun ways. And yes, she makes it!

Image Source Credit via YouTube

She goes all the way into the water to her owner. She even reaches out her paw, showing how much she trusts her. It’s clear this cat loves her owner enough to follow her into the lake! Her owner is very happy to have her there. They have a strong bond.

The cat looks up to her other owner for approval. They all make a happy family in the great outdoors. This couple is lucky to have such a brave and adventurous cat. When she’s not swimming, she enjoys watching the geese. It seems that cats also like to relax and enjoy nature. Even though she’s a big cat with hunting instincts, she doesn’t chase the birds.

It’s sweet to watch this cat swim and have a good time. What a lovely and brave kitty!

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