Pregnant Cat Shot By BB Gun Gets Back On Her Paws With Son’s Help

Moms will do anything to better the lives of their children and this applies to mother cats and their kittens too. Even injured and in pain after an act of cruelty, Chelsea the cat drug herself to safety in order to protect her unborn kittens. When Susan Edstrom, founder of animal rescue Four Paws One Heart in Trophy Club, Texas, heard the story of Chelsea’s rescue, she responded in a hurry, ready to give the sweet ginger cat the security she sought.

Susan described Chelsea’s injuries to Love Meow, reporting she had evaluations done by several vets and every set of x-rays shot revealed a bb gun pellet lodged in “the T9 area of the spine,” a spot almost in the center of a cat’s back. As the brave cat had sensation in her feet, the decision was to leave the pellet in place in an effort not to cause further damage. But there was another surprise discovered in x-rays. Chelsea was pregnant.

Four Paws One Heart Inc/Facebook

Overcoming Cruelty to The Joy of Motherhood

Happy in Four Paws One Heart’s care, Chelsea settled into an excellent foster home where her worries over safety were put to rest. There she found friendly faces and encouragement to get back on her paws. Massage and physical therapy combined with a hearty diet to feed her growing belly proved to be just what Chelsea needed.

In a Facebook post, Four Paws One Heart shared, “It’s working. She is up and wobbly walking but she is walking. AND she used the litter box on her own.”

Four Paws One Heart Inc/Facebook

“She is a very sweet cat and a purr machine.”

Now, Chelsea was ready for the next step, giving birth. Her foster family was ready to get vet assistance involved when the time came because of her injury. But it turns out, Chelsea gave birth just fine on her own, delivering 5 purrfect kittens.

Four Paws One Heart Inc/Facebook

Four Paws One Heart Inc/Facebook

And no surprise, Chelsea proved to be an amazing mother. As her kittens grew bigger, Chelsea grew stronger and soon, it was time to find forever homes.

Bonded Mom and Son Together Furever

Chelsea certainly loved all her kittens, but one little boy in particular turned out to be “her rock.” Her mini-me, Georgie Boy was always by his mom’s side, “whether playing or sleeping or cuddling.”

Four Paws One Heart Inc/Facebook

As she still wasn’t completely sold on the company of people, Chelsea tended to shy away, but Georgie Boy loved everyone he met, helping his mom to come out of her shell. He was also one of her biggest helpers in strengthening her body.

Four Paws One Heart Inc/Facebook

Four Paws One Heart Inc/Facebook

Their foster shared the greatest moment of triumph for Chelsea, writing, “Miss Chelsea (who has earned the nickname Honeygirl) was playing on the bed with Georgie and I and she actually was touching me while playin!!! She crouched down in the attack mode and did the little butt wiggle before pouncing!!! That’s huge!”

From dragging her body to find help to racing up cat towers, Chelsea was ready for her forever home. But she wouldn’t go alone. While the other four kittens each went on to separate homes, Chelsea and Georgie Boy needed a home where they could be together due to the strong bond between them. Their wish was soon granted and now the pair are together furever!

Four Paws One Heart Inc/Facebook

Feature Image: Four Paws One Heart Inc/Facebook

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