Paralysis Doesn’t Stop Aoife The Beautiful, Especially When The Food Bowl Is Involved

“Love never fails.”

Shanta Siegler of Triumphant Teagan teaches us this lesson time and again with the “perfectly imperfect kittens” that come into her care.

The latest “special needs purrmaid” in her care proves the sentiment once again!

Princess Aoife is an adorable kitten and nothing stops her, not even paralysis.


Never Giving Up Looks So Cute

Aoife, pronounced Eee-Fa and meaning ‘beautiful’, was born with severe hip dysplasia and a spinal abnormality, but she’s otherwise a healthy girl. About the tough little cutie, Shanta said, “By watching her here you would not know the challenges her little body must face. But those challenges do not equal an unworthiness to live a life filled with love and joy.”


“Different is beautiful. Imperfections are what make us unique. Highlighting Aoife’s abilities, to dispel the fear of loving and caring for a kitten/cat like her, is my honor.”


Aoife came into Shanta and her family’s care by way of Dapper Daniel the Diapurrman and when she arrived, the excited foster mom shared, “She is absolutely the sweetest. Her weight, as of last night, was 172g… teeny-tiny! But her purrsonality is HUGE!!”

Just like her appetite!

Though she was tiny, Aoife sure loved to eat and started gaining weight in a hurry. That adorable round belly proves it!


Her slurps and smacks are some of the cutest noises you’ll ever hear. But who are we kidding? Everything about this kitten is ridiculously adorable, even her little diapers!

And about those tiny diapers, Shanta related a recent “poo-splosion” which resulted in an extra bath for Aoife. During the cleanup, the little one found bathtime so relaxing, “she decided to do an oopsie-poopsie. No shame here, that’s what happens when you’re ridiculously cute, paralyzed, and incontinent.”


It’s not just poop-messes for Aoife either. She loves to eat so much, she often winds up wearing her dinner. “This girl is all kinds of messy.”

But she’s thriving and living a happy, full life with people who love her. “Aoife is paraplegic and has special needs, but she’s such a happy and loving companion. She deserves all the love and support we can possibly give her.”


“Who knew that never giving up could look so cute?!”

Follow Aoife and her purrmaid buddies as they show the world, “It’s ok to be different and that just because a cat has mobility issues it doesn’t mean they can’t live healthy lives filled with love, joy, and adventure.”

Feature Image: @triumphant_teagan/Instagram

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