Puppy Eases Anxiety For His New Furry Siblings, And Now They’re Inseparable

Some animals radiate an extra special charm that puts everyone around them at ease.

Watson, an adorable Golden Retriever, is one such soul and no one can resist their need to snuggle up beside him. Perusing pictures of Watson on Instagram reveals how adorable the fair-coated cutie really is, making animal lovers swoon with their want to hug him!

He’s such a soothing influence on those around him, his gift can even be felt through his photos. Admit it, you feel happier and calmer just looking at this cutie pup.


When Watson’s family grew by two, his gift of comfort helped his new siblings settle into their new forever home. Even a nervous dog and a tabby cat couldn’t resist Watson’s hug power!

Watson’s New Fur Brothers

When Watson was a year-and-half-old, he and his mom, Jennifer, decided it was time to adopt another dog into the family. When they met Kiko, Watson and Jennifer knew the 4-year-old Golden Retriever was the one!

Kiko was a nervous dog though, anxiety ruling his thoughts and making it hard to settle in at his new home. But Watson’s calming nature provided Kiko with some of the best therapy ever.

Jennifer told the Dodo, “It’s like Watson knew that Kiko needed support, so he started to always lay by him and help him get more of his confidence back.”


Along Comes Kitty

But the family was not yet complete. Harry was the next furry boy to join the pack and when he was first adopted into the fam, he wasn’t sold on the idea of hugging up on Watson and Kiko. Why? Because, unlike his new canine brothers, Harry was a cat!

The grey tabby cat couldn’t resist Watson’s hug charms though. Jennifer explained, “Watson is the king of snuggles. His temperament is so calm he got Harry to love it too.”


“They all get along very well and show pure love for each other.”

All the canine snuggles have left Harry with some new canine tendencies thought. “He will actually play fetch with Kiko and Watson, and like the rest of them, he loves to sleep and eat.”


Harry also loves to go on escapades with his dog brothers and together the trio is “spreading joy through every adventure.”



Though Kiko has experienced rough times in recent years, fighting cancer and losing a leg, he has his brothers by his side. Between Harry’s healing purrs and Watson’s hugging superpowers, Kiko gets the best medicine around!


Follow Watson, Kiko, and Harry, along with hedgehog sibling London, on Instagram to catch all their adventures!


H/T: www.smalljoys.tv
Feature Image: @wat.ki/Instagram

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