Sphynx Cat Jasper Can’t See You, But He Can Feel The Love

Jasper the cat easily draws attention.

As a ‘hairless’ cat, Jasper is used to garnering attention for his ‘naked’ appearance. The unique visage of Sphynx cats often draws attention and comments. But Jasper’s breed isn’t the only thing that leaves people staring.

Jasper has no eyes.

And without the thicker fur covering afforded other cat breeds who’ve lost sight, Jasper’s eye sockets are on full display, giving him an arresting appearance.


And though he has different look about him, Jasper is a handsome lad living a full life with a family who loves him. As his mom, Kelli, told fans on TikTok, “He’s had so many tests over the years, I can assure you he is a very healthy cat with some bad luck.”

Some Bad Luck, but Good Love Surrounds Jasper

Kelli adopted Jasper when he was two years old. He seemed just as healthy as the next cat, so it was a surprise when just a couple years later he was diagnosed with feline herpes virus. Kelli explained, “At the time all that meant was he was a sniffly boy.”


But in 2013, Jasper developed a corneal ulcer in his right eye. “It was so bad that removal was the only option.”

After his eye was removed, life was alright for Jasper. “He went on being a happy, healthy, now one-eyed kitty.”

Five years later saw a repeat of bad luck though. A corneal ulcer developed in Jasper’s left eye and again, the problem was so severe, removal was the only choice.

Kelli shared, “As scary as the news was that Jasper would now be totally blind, he adapted super well.”


The hits kept coming though. Just another year later, Jasper suffered a mild stroke. “It was a terrifying experience trying to figure out what was going on, why he woke me up spinning in circles, but the diagnoses was a relief. The cause is unknown, which is unfortunately common, but it means it wasn’t caused by any of the awful things that we know can cause one.”


Jasper has recovered from his stroke and moves with a little more care but Kelli has promised his 75k fans, “He’s a very happy kitty, who is otherwise extremely healthy. He’s 12 years old, but the vet says there’s no reason to think he won’t live another 10 years.”


Jasper Keeps Going, Just as Happy as Can Be

This special hairless, eyeless cat has kept on going through every bit of his troubles, including his most recent struggles with having teeth removed, followed by bleeding issues. No matter what Jasper proves, “A blind cat can still live a very fulfilling, happy life.”

And thanks to her love for her kitty best friend, Kelli encourages, “If you’re thinking of adopting a pet, maybe take a look at the less loved: the elderly, the disabled. They may just be the best companion you’ll ever have.”


H/T: www.buzzfeed.com
Feature Image: @jazzy.purrs/Instagram

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