Man Who “Doesn’t Want Pets” Surprises His Wife On Their Wedding Day

Kaylee and Orion had been together for 5 years before they decided to tie the knot. Though they couldn’t be more excited about their future together, there was one thing they didn’t agree on.

Kaylee grew up with cats in her family home and was dreading leaving behind her family cat, Nala, once she moved in with Orion. Orion does love animals, but he was just unsure about having a pet of his own.

kitten surprise


Though Orion was unsure about being a pet owner, he knew that having a fur baby of their own would bring Kaylee so much joy. He decided that their wedding day would be the perfect time for a wonderful surprise.

“I’ve talked about wanting a cat once we got married. He knew how much joy a cat would bring me, plus make the transition easier. So the wedding day seemed like a perfect opportunity.” – Kaylee

In the week before they wedding, Orion found out about a tiny kitten who had been found wondering around their neighborhood. He decided to adopt the lonesome kitten and bring her along as a very special guest on their wedding day.

kitten surprise


When Orion told their photographer, Megan O’dell with Wild and Wonderful Photography about his interest in surprising Kaylee on their wedding day, she couldn’t have been more excited to capture this special moment.

kitten surprise


On their wedding day, Megan prepared the couple for their first look photos where they would see each other in their wedding attire for the first time.

Kaylee waited for her soon to be husband in a beautiful field. When she turned around to see him for the first time, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

kitten surprise


There was Orion, but he was holding a tiny kitten named Chloe!

“I think the first thing I said was, ‘Shut up!’ — I was totally shocked and couldn’t believe he had a kitten with him. Then I got emotional when it processed that this was our kitten to keep!” – Kaylee

kitten surprise


The couple continued their photo shoot, where they captured beautiful photos that will forever document this special moment in their lives.

kitten surprise


The family has since settled in well, and Chloe has turned into a rambunctious little girl that runs the house! We are so happy for this little family, and that Chloe was able to make her mom’s dreams come true!

Image Source:Wild & Wonderful Photography

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