Cat Has Been Friends With A Horse Since He Was A Kitten, And They Are Simply Inseparable

We love animal friendships. Especially when it involves cats! We especially love the way that cats can befriend other animals so effortlessly. And we know that you do too!

This beautiful friendship we’re featuring today is truly a special one. This cat named Sappy has been in love with a horse named Dakota ever since he was a kitten. These two have become best friends despite their size differences.

Source: Denice Kinney via Lovemeow

Source: Denice Kinney via Lovemeow

Their mom, Denice Kinney, told The DodoAs the little fella started to grow I noticed he would be laying next to the horse as he grazed. If the horse laid down, he would lay on him. I’ve even seen him crawl up his tail to get on his back!

Source: Denice Kinney via Lovemeow

Source: Denice Kinney via Lovemeow

Denice also told Lovemeow, “That cat is in his stall everyday during feeding time and after feed time, I always set on that container and here they both come. If I go riding, that cat goes along like a dog would!

Source: Denice Kinney via Lovemeow

Source: Denice Kinney via Lovemeow

Dakota may be huge, but she is super gentle with her beloved feline friend. And as you can see in the photo above, they love to snuggle.

Watch the video below and see these two show affection to each other!

Aw <3
“Dakota is the horse and Sappy is the cat. I swear they have a love-hate relationship. It’s so funny to watch them, they are together all the time!” Thanks to Denice Hallam Kinney for the vid!

Posted by I’m a horseaddict on Saturday, May 7, 2016

Aren’t they sweet! It’s so clear that these two love each other very much!

You can read more about Sappy and Dakota’s story at The Dodo and at Lovemeow.

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