Your Cat’s Top Ten Favorite Things To Do

There are plenty of activities that cats strongly prefer not to partake in. High on that list are taking baths, visiting the vet, and taking medication. It’s nice to know that our finicky felines do find joy in certain pastimes. Below are their top 10 favorite purr-suits.

1. Eat

Most cats count the seconds until mealtimes, and I can’t say I blame them. Dinner is my favorite time of day, too! Researchers have proven that our kitties greatly prefer protein rich food to pet foods that are packed with carbohydrates. They will even choose a smaller high protein meal over an abundance of carb heavy kibble. If you notice that your cat never seems satiated, it may be time to take a close look at the nutrient content in your chosen diet.


2. Sleep

Even the most domesticated of house cats still retain a bit of their untamed roots. Wild cats are natural predators and the best time for hunting is from dusk until dawn. As a throwback to their history as night stalkers, cats average 14 – 17 hours of sack time per day as a means to store up energy for the hunt. As you’ve surely noticed, they prefer to snooze the day away, and come alive when the sun goes down. Fun fact: the scientific term for animals that are more active during the twilight hours is crepuscular.


3. Play

Whether you share your home with a cuddly kitten or a distinguished senior, all cats love to play. Among their favorite toys are items that mimic the appearance, movements and sounds of fleeing prey. Animal behaviorists categorize the four main types of play as mock fighting, mouse pounce, bird swat, and fish scoop – all of which have their role in learning to hunt and protect themselves. The following compilation shows several examples of kittens exploring the four types of play. As an added bonus, it just so happens to be ADORABLE!

4. Watch Wildlife

A well placed bird feeder in your yard can provide your cats with endless hours of entertainment. As much as they enjoy playing with toys that simulate hunting, stalking and pouncing, there’s nothing like the real thing. Since it’s not very eco-friendly to let your kitties decimate the local bird and rodent populations, try a window perch for your indoor cats’ viewing pleasure.


5. Stretch and Scratch

There’s a reason cats are so incredibly nimble and agile. Aside from their athletic anatomy, they also take the time to thoroughly stretch each day. You may notice that they do a short series of yoga poses after each nap, but they get their real stretching done using their scratching posts. It’s a natural instinct for cats to keep their claws clean and sharp. Next time your kitty goes to work on his cat tree, watch the complex series of stretches and poses he uses to stay limber.


6. Groom

Our kitties may be the cleanest pets humans share their homes with. While long haired, overweight or senior cats may require some help from their humans to stay clean and mat-free, most cats manage to stay fresh on their own. Next to sleeping, kitties probably spend more of their time on grooming than any other activity.


7. Hide

Cats love small, enclosed nooks and crannies around the home for two reasons. First, they’re great for stalking prey (or human feet). They also provide security in times of stress. This desire to seek out quiet hidey holes may explain why our kitties prefer to play with boxes and bags instead of the expensive interactive toys that come inside them!


8. Climb

Seeking out higher ground is beneficial to wild cats because it allows them to survey the ground below for potential food sources. Higher vantage points also provide awareness of and protection from predators. Like lions on rock formations, our cats love to climb to the highest spots in our homes. Can’t find the cat? Check above the kitchen cabinets or on top of the fridge!


9. Bask In The Sun 

Kitties have far fewer heat receptors than humans. This leads them to seek out temperatures that may feel uncomfortable to us. We have all witnessed our cats rolling luxuriantly in a beam of afternoon sun or snuggling up to a baseboard heat vent in the winter. Be careful, though, their love of heat may lead to accidental burns.


10. Be Adored By Their Humans

Scientific studies have proven that cats are able to distinguish their owners’ voices from other humans. They also tend to be far more vocal when their people are around than they are if home alone or with other cats. When the mood strikes them, there’s nothing our cats love more than snuggling up to their humans for a good petting and scratching fest.


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