Special Delivery! This Cat Came In With The Mail… And Never Left!

When reddit user BevoDDS‘ wife answered the door for a package, she got a two-for-one deal: the package, and a cat!

“Yesterday morning, my wife answered the door to accept a UPS package when this kitty just walks in and makes herself at home. We think she’s a stray, but we still put up some signs. Meet Zelda, our new kitty if no one calls to claim her,” writes BevoDDS on reddit.

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Not wanting to keep someone’s pet, they posted signs around the neighborhood to see if she belonged to anyone, but received no calls. “We live in an apartment complex in a pretty dense neighborhood with A TON of stray cats. (My sister is) a vet and said that our local SPCA picks up strays, fixes them, then drops them back off in their ZIP code,” Zelda’s new owner said in an article by LoveMeow. 

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Luckily, Zelda wandered into the right house! She’s been there a month, and with no one claiming her, the couple are happy to provide her with a forever home.

Now that’s what we call a special delivery!

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