Three Blind Cats Find Love & Friendship With Two Pit Bulls!

The Stewart family is one of those wonderful families who foster homeless animals. They have been fostering animals from the Faithful Friends Animal Society. And with their help, animals get to have a temporary home where they are safe and loved as they await for a loving forever home.

Sherry Stewart and her daughter’s most recent foster are three blind cats who just had surgery. Two kittens, Bruce and Willis, just had their eyes removed due to infection.

Source: Sherry Stewart via The Dodo

Source: Sherry Stewart via The Dodo

The other cat named Helen, had her eyes removed because of severe glaucoma. She was rescued by the shelter from a man who said that he would kill Helen if she wasn’t removed from his property.

Thankfully, the cats are recovering and adjusting well. And they were welcomed by the Stewart family with open arms. And that includes their 2 rescue Pit Bulls!

Alfie and Frankie were neglected dogs. Thankfully, they were rescued from the cruelty they were subjected to. Alfie has even become a pet therapy dog.

Source: Sherry Stewart via The Dodo

Source: Sherry Stewart via The Dodo

And when Alfie and Frankie met the three cats, they immediately bonded. The dogs even lick the cats clean, and they love to take naps with them too!

Source: Sherry Stewart via The Dodo

Source: Sherry Stewart via The Dodo

Watch the video below for the full story!

It’s so wonderful that these five animals get along so well together. They may have experienced pain and trauma in the past, but now, they comfort each other. What a beautiful relationship!

You can read more of this story at The Dodo and at BarkPost.


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