1973 Dodge Challenger 440-Powered

Unleash the Beast: Reviving the Legend of the 440-Powered 1973 Dodge Challenger

In 2020, the current owner acquired a 1973 Dodge Challenger, which has since undergone various maintenance and upgrades. These included replacing the dashboard, wiper motor, wiper switch, blower motor, transmission pan gasket, ignition components, tail shaft seals, shock absorbers, exhaust manifold gaskets, leaf spring hangers, rear axle bearings, as well as the front brake pads, calipers, rotors, and rear wheel cylinders.

The car is equipped with a replacement 440ci V8 engine paired with a Torqueflite three-speed automatic transmission. It features a yellow exterior with black stripes and black vinyl upholstery. Notable equipment includes a dual scooped hood, a rear spoiler, black bumpers and mirrors, power steering, power front disc brakes, 15″ Rallye wheels, a pistol-grip shifter, Speedmaster electronic ignition, and a dual exhaust system with Flowmaster mufflers. This Challenger is currently available for purchase in Canada and comes with Ontario registration in the seller’s name.

440-Powered 1973 Dodge Challenger

The body is finished in yellow and is said to have been repainted under previous ownership. Features include a dual scooped hood, a dual-outlet exhaust system that exits below the rear valance, and a black finished hood stripe, grille, fender vents, fuel door, mirrors, bumpers, and taillamp surrounds. The seller notes that the quarter panels were replaced under previous ownership and the windshield washer motor is not connected.

Silver-finished 15″ Rallye wheels wear chrome trim rings and are mounted with Dunlop Qualifier G/T white-letter tires. The car is equipped with power steering, and braking is handled by power-assisted front discs and rear drums. Work since 2020 is said to consist of replacing the shock absorbers, leaf spring hangers, rear axle bearings, rear wheel cylinders, and front brake pads, calipers, and rotors.

440-Powered 1973 Dodge Challenger

The cabin features front bucket seats and a rear bench upholstered in black vinyl joined by a color-coordinated dashboard, headliner, door panels, and carpets. Features include a center console, a pistol-grip shifter, woodgrain accents, and a left remote mirror controller. The dashboard, heater core, blower motor, wiper motor, and wiper switch are said to have been replaced since 2020 and the floorboards were replaced under previous ownership.

440-Powered 1973 Dodge Challenger

The leather-wrapped three-spoke steering wheel frames a 150-mph speedometer, a tachometer, a multi-function gauge, and an analog clock. The five-digit odometer shows 89k miles, approximately 3k of which were added under current ownership. Total mileage is unknown.

440-Powered 1973 Dodge Challenger

The 440ci V8 was installed under previous ownership and features a Speedmaster electronic ignition, a Holley four-barrel carburetor, a Weiand intake manifold, and finned Mickey Thompson valve covers. Work since 2020 is said to consist of replacing the ignition coil, distributor, spark plugs, exhaust manifold gaskets, and ignition wires. An oil change was performed in preparation for the sale.

440-Powered 1973 Dodge Challenger

Power is delivered to the rear wheels through a three-speed automatic transmission, and service since 2020 reportedly includes replacing the transmission pan gasket and tail shaft seals. The front of the transmission seeps fluid. A dual exhaust system with Flowmaster mufflers has also been installed.

The car does not have a title, as it is registered in a province that does not issue titles for vehicles. It is being sold on its Ontario registration.

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