16 Cats That Are So Adorable, They’ll Turn Anyone Into A Cat Lover!

There seems to be a very distinct difference between “Cat People” and “Dog People”–and even those who have a genuine appreciation for both! But whether you relate more to the graceful, independent spirit of a feline or the silly, friendly nature of a canine, one thing is for sure: it is nearly impossible for anyone to look at these fluffy kitties without saying “aww!” at least once!

Here are 16 pictures that can make anyone appreciate the beauty of a cat, and may even make a convert out of most pup-obsessed dog person!

1. Let’s start with this adorable, red-striped kitten. Red panda or feline? Either way, it’s utterly adorable!

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2. And this one, who looks like a raccoon. Now this is what you’d call a “master of disguise.”

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3. As does this beautiful bandit. WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU?!

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4. This little sweetheart poses bashfully for the camera. “Cheese!”

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5. And this smiley girl knows how to strike a pose. (A yoga pose, that is.)

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6. …Maybe they learned their camera skills from this guy? “Smile with your teeth!”

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7. This speckled beauty looks like a green-eyed abstract painting.“I know, I am a work of art, Daaahling.”

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8. And this Dapper Dan has quite the ‘stache. Hence, those classically good looks.

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9. This precious peanut wears her heart on her…nose! “To remind you how much I love you!”

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10. And this one-eyed kitten is just about the cutest pirate you’ve ever seen!   “Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of…FUN!”

This is Sir Stuffington. He was found under an apartment building in Troutdale, Oregon with his 2 brothers. Mother had been killed (presumably by a racoon, maybe a stray dog) Covered in fleas, anemic, with calicivirus and a heart murmur.

11. These two lovebugs prove what cat lovers already know: kitties can be very cuddly. They’re puuurrrfect for sleepy time snuggles.

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12. And this little lady will hypnotize you with those big, glassy doe-eyes! “Look into my eyes and you will find me IRRESISTIBLE!”

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13. This guy has the cutest smushed face in the whole wide world. It looks like he’s got a fuzzy five-head.

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14. And this little princess will share her royal cuteness with you.“I dub thee: Lady Loves-A-Lot!”

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15. There’s a zillion reasons we love our cats (including their eye colors! Just look at this blue-eyed beauty).

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16. But at the top of the list? They’re just so darn adorable! “YAY FOR BEING CUTE!”

Source <a class=”youtube-link” href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDUY0ESs8zU”>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDUY0ESs8zU</a>

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