A Dog-Shaped Scratching Post Allows Cats To Have The Upper Paw!

For centuries, cats and dogs have been in an unspoken war that we humans are well-aware of. We know there are several instances where they can all get along just fine, but it’s sort of fun to imagine the scenarios in our mind of world domination for the feline kind. I’m the type of person who naturally just loves cats, and if I hear someone make an off-the-cuff remark about “not liking” cats instantly my make-believe fur stands up on end… how dare they speak ill of my felines? Hiss… spat… rrroww!

So, we all know that kitties love to scratch, but what would make those scratching sessions just that much better…and not on your pricy furniture?? Well, Erik Stehmann, an interior designer based out of the Netherlands, has the purrfect solution: dog-shaped cat scratching posts! Now kitties have the chance to get those hyper, slobbery pooches right where they want them!

Erik was kind enough to allow me to share his exclusive photos and videos with you, and you’re gonna love them! Enjoy:)




I mean, go crazy kitty…. or not!! 🙂

Interested in one for your cat? Check out Erik’s website here.

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