These Cats Who Are Missing a Leg (or Two!) Get Around Just Fine

If you think losing a leg will inherently slow a cat down, think again. With the right amount of care, attention, and patience, a cat who is missing a leg or two can live a life that’s just as enjoyable as a cat who has all four paws! Here are four cats who faced their challenges head on and won.


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Anakin was rescued in 2012 when he started showing up for meals that were being fed to a local stray and feral colony. According to the veterinarian, he had been born without a pelvis or back legs and it was amazing that his mother hadn’t abandoned him at birth. A kitten with such a physical disadvantage likely wouldn’t have lasted much longer on the mean streets, so he was very lucky to have been welcomed into a loving family. Anakin is 3 years old now and has his own Youtube channel and Facebook page.


Harley was 12 years old when he had to have one of his hind legs amputated in 2013. It didn’t slow him down one bit. This playful boy zips and zooms all over the place!



One of Sophia’s front legs was mangled when she was attacked by a larger cat when she was just a few months old. This video was take only a few days after surgery but she is already figuring out how to get around. You’ll even see her trying to climb the leg of someone’s pants! These days, she rules the roost in her home and happily plays with all of her cat siblings.



Henry lost a leg and became an inspiration to people everywhere when he became an internet sensation. He received thousands of letters from people who had experienced their own set backs and challenges. He also inspired his psychotherapist caretaker to pen a book about Henry’s life and ability to touch the lives of so many strangers.

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