Rescued Kitten Grows Up In A Home With 5 Ferrets…And Thinks She’s One Of Them!

For a cat, if they are introduced to other species of animals from an early age they should have no problems getting along. Surprisingly enough, they may almost seem to take on characteristics of these animals. My rescue cat, Mr. Purple, was raised with our dog from the time he was a kitten, and I find him doing strange almost doglike behaviors that often leave me scratching my head.

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When a five month old kitten was found abandoned in Japan, she was brought in to live with a family who desperately wanted to nurse her back to health. This poor, sick kitten was in a very weakened condition, and the humans who found her were not even sure if she would make it. They didn’t have any other cats in their home, but what they did have was 5 male ferrets. If you aren’t familiar with ferrets, these are friendly little house pets that can be affectionate and sweet, but you wouldn’t imagine a cat and a ferret getting along due to the cat’s predatory instincts.

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After introducing the ferret family one by one to their newest member of the family, Komari earned their trust and love–and the affection she craved! It just goes to show you that cats have the ability to adapt to their surroundings, and when you let them into your heart, they can be some of the kindest and gentlest creatures on the face of the earth! Just check out these sweet photos, you’re going to love them!

Hanging in the hammock!

Grooming one of her big brothers:

Napping with her brothers:

Feeding time!


If you’d like to see more of Komari and her five ferret brothers (Garo, Giru, Shirasu, Jyamura, Banchou, and Komare), you can follow them on Twitter!

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