A Cat Born With Backward Legs Can Now Walk And Run.. A Must Watch!

His name is Stockings, born with backward legs but his story does not just end there. Fortunately, good people gave this kitty a chance to run and walk just like any other cat!

Stockings was taken in by Chicago’s Tree House Humane Society when he was few weeks old. The organization was really eager to help this cat in having his hind legs reconstructed so they talked to an orthopedic veterinarian, Dr. Steve Neihaus. Through this video, they were able to gather up resources and had Stockings undergo the surgery he desperately needed. And indeed, it was a success! A few weeks after, he can already stand and chase around the room. It really touched my heart knowing this kitty can now fully enjoy being a cat! 😀

Photo source: Chicago’s Tree House Humane Society

Photo source: Chicago’s Tree House Humane Society

This is just amazing! Share this heartwarming video if this also pulled at your heartstrings!

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