Firefighters Thought This Cat Was Dead, But Then THIS Happened!

For any person, the thought of their house catching fire is enough to send them into shock. All your valuables, belongings–and most importantly–your pets are inside this place that you call home. Animals will do the best they can to flee on their own if their humans can not get to them, as was the case was for 2 of the 3 cats that were recently trapped in a New Orleans house fire.

When firefighters and police arrived on the scene, they were informed that one of the cats did not make it out alive. This poor kitten’s body laid lifeless, just near the kitchen that was engulfed in flames. Two of the cats in the home were able to escape without harm when the kitchen fire broke out, but sadly, the precious ginger tabby was not as lucky.

Not wanting to give up on this unconscious kitty, firefighters fitted him with a pet oxygen mask, hoping for a miracle. After a few minutes, they were shocked to see this sweet cat open his eyes.


“I guess he has eight more lives,” said Doug Cardinale with the New Orleans Fire Department.

Thank goodness for these specially designed masks that come in a variety of sizes for both dogs and cats. We are so thankful for that this kitten was okay!

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