This Photographer Proves That Disabled Cats Are No Different From Any Other Cat

Monika Malek has a pretty cool job. As a self-labeled “catographer” she spends her days taking pictures of cats! In recent months, a personal photography project came to mind that touched her heart immensely. She wanted to use her skills behind the camera to construct a series she calls “I’m Still a Cat”. For the series, she photographed 100 different cats that all live with disabilities. Monika did this because she wanted to raise awareness towards cats living with disabilities, and to prove that they are absolutely no different than any other cat is.

11252550_401537010052643_4503495234103945460_ovia Monika Malek’s FB Page

All cats play, all cats meow, and every cat should be treated equally regardless of their physical condition. Monika points out that inability is simply a state of mind. If these cats don’t feel any different about themselves, then why should we treat them as such? The beauty Monika captures shines through her photos, and as you can see all cats really are created equally. Here is a sample of the touching photos that she has shared via her FB page:

This is Sapphire. Although she has no eyes, she is still a cat:


This is Casper. He is completely deaf, but he is still a cat:

I mamy już 20! :))20. Oknowiec myjący się. ;)Mam na imię Kacper. Mam 2,5 roku. Nie słyszę, ale nadal jestem…

Posted by Fotografia Monika Małek on Tuesday, June 16, 2015


This is Amber. She only has one eye, but she is still a cat:


4. Podkradacz kanapek.Mam na imię Amber. Mam rok i dwa miesiące. Nie mam oka, ale nadal jestem kotem.100% kota w kocie. <3

Posted by Fotografia Monika Małek on Friday, April 24, 2015


This is Ficus. He is missing one leg, but he is still a cat:

Mam na imię Ficus. Mam 5 lat. Nie mam łapy, ale nadal jestem kotem.100% kota w kocie. <3

Posted by Fotografia Monika Małek on Friday, April 17, 2015


This is Susan. She has no eyes, but she is still a cat:

21. Kwiatowiec. Mam na imię Zuzia. Mam 2,5 roku. Nie mam oczu, ale nadal jestem kotem.100% kota w kocie. <3Jeśli…

Posted by Fotografia Monika Małek on Friday, June 19, 2015


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