House Cat Meets ‘Weird Looking Kitten’ And Her Motherly Instincts Kick In

When an orphaned bobcat was found alone, rescuers were uncertain if she’d survive. She was in good health, but at her age, she needed a mother’s love to survive. Thankfully, a house cat stepped in to fill the role.

Honeybun is a beautiful feline with a heart of gold. She became the bobcat’s foster mom, giving her all the love and attention she craved. Since she cannot teach the kitten the skills she needs to survive as a wild bobcat, her role is temporary, but she still takes it very seriously. Honeybun has the patience of a saint!

Once old enough, the kitten will join a bobcat family, but for now, Honeybun is happy to take care of her. Spicy Cats rescue posted the cats’ story on their Facebook page:

“Honeybun is back on babysitting duty! Just when she thought she was retired from raising kids, this special little lady showed up needing a mama…

Honey was an easy pick, being so maternal and having raised probably dozens of kittens in the past. She has been very patient and sweet so far. Little baby bobkitten has taken quite a liking to Honey and thinks her ears are VERY fun to chew on.”

The pair is too cute for words! Thank you, Spicy Cats and Honeybun, for all your hard work! To see the adorable couple for yourself, scroll on down!

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Feature image courtesy of Spicy Cats/Facebook

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