UPS Driver Challenges Icy Water And Saves Drowning Husky

Dogs and delivery drivers don’t always have the reputation, for getting along. We’ve all witnessed our friends barking at the mailman mistaking them for intruders or giving chase to FedEx trucks down the street.

However contrary to this stereotype it’s not uncommon for pets and delivery personnel to develop a rapport. In fact many mail carriers genuinely love dogs. Take care of those they encounter on their routes.

In an incident one UPS driver went above. Beyond his regular duties by saving a dog from drowning in freezing cold waters during one of his deliveries.

Ryan Arens, a UPS driver based in Bozeman, Montana had an experience while on the job before Christmas last year. While driving past a pond to drop off a package he heard desperate cries coming from a dog.

“The dog was howling and whimpering frantically ” Ryan recalled in an interview with the Great Falls Tribune. “I could see that it was trapped about 10 15 feet away, from the shore with ice around.”

Without hesitation Ryan decided he had to rescue the animal himself. “I knew I couldn’t wait for help—I had to go get her.”

Upon reaching the scene Ryan noticed a man struggling unsuccessfully to reach the stranded dog using a rowboat.

“He made the decision to use the boat as a means of reaching the surface.

“I carefully maneuvered the boat onto the ice using it to distribute my weight ” Ryan explained. “I cautiously moved towards the area where the ice seemed thin.”

Unfortunately he unexpectedly crashed through the ice. Found himself immersed in freezing water. In that moment he resolved to swim towards the dog

Thankfully his rescue attempt proved successful coming in time. “She was, on the verge of sinking ” he recounted to the Great Falls Tribune.

“I didn’t even have time to think—I simply knew what I had to do ” Ryan shared with PETA. “The veterinarian informed me that if Sadie had been 2 degrees colder she would have suffered arrest. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.”

Returning with Sadie to the home of a kind rowboat owner, both Ryan and his furry companion warmed up under a soothing shower.

Once news of his courageous act spread Ryan quickly gained recognition as a hero. PETA honored him with a Compassionate Action Award for his bravery.

However Ryan humbly viewed himself not as a hero but, as an animal lover doing what anyone would do in his situation.””I personally believe that most of my colleagues and the people I associate with would have acted similarly if they were faced with the situation ” he expressed on his Facebook post. “I am grateful that I made the decision I did regardless of the danger involved.”

Ryan has an affection, for dogs. He owns a 15 year Malamute. Naturally he was thrilled to assist a dog in distress. “Animals have always had a place in my heart ” he shared with Great Falls Tribune. “This incident was definitely one of the highlights during my 14 years at UPS.”

Furthermore Ryan had the opportunity to reunite with the saved dog named Sadie. Was relieved to see her in health and brimming with vitality.

“This dog still had life left in her and I’m truly glad I took action when I did ” Ryan expressed warmly. “She is a sweetheart.”

Lets express our gratitude, to this UPS driver who saved this dogs life while enduring freezing water!

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