5 Amazing Before & After Photos of Rescued Cats

While the lives of many stray animals are fully unknown, we can often tell they’ve seen some hard times. Many are barely alive, very sick or injured and need a lot of love and attention before they’re ever able to be adopted out. Fortunately, the majority of these pets find perfect new homes. Here are some amazing photographs of rescued cats when they were first taken in to where they are today.

#1 – Kodama






Kodama was found under a bush in Taiwan with a wound so infected it was infested with maggots. Fortunately, he was imported to the United States where he was put up for adoption and lives a happy and healthy life with his new owner, Reddit user what__year_is__this.

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#2 – Louie







Louie was only two weeks old when he was found abandoned in a gutter with no family to be found. He was bottle fed and treated extensively to ensure his survival. Today at 6 months old, he’s happy, healthy and unconditionally loved by Reddit user biodigital.

#3 – Enzo







Enzo is an older cat that was found as a stray and fostered by Reddit user kitcat_kittycat. He was very dirty and very sick and it turns out he is FIV positive. But his illness didn’t stop him from finding a home, as he was eventually adopted out. Even though he’ll need special care to keep him healthy, he’s lucky to find out what it feels like to be loved both at his foster home and his new permanent home.

#4 – Lily


Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 3.22.01 PM





Lily was found as a stray kitten near a beach and you can tell she had never had a family before. Fortunately, she was found by Reddit user ThePedrobl and 4 1/2 years later is as happy and healthy as could be!

#5 – Duncan







Reddit user marycupcakes’ husband found little Duncan in the middle of the road trying to get away from cars. He looked very young, sick and injured. He was bleeding and had burns and it appeared someone had set fireworks off on him. Fortunately, he was taken to the emergency vet where marycupcakes works and was nursed back to health. Now, one year later, he’s doing better than ever.

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