The Healing Power Of Mr. Fiddlesticks, A Tiny Kitten Big On Heart

Sometimes the tiniest handful of fluff can help ease the ache of heartbreak. And when the tiny fluff needs you as much as you need him, that’s when healing happens.

Mr. Fiddlesticks and Dani the Cat Lady are finding this in each other.

After the loss of two very special foster kittens, Dani the Cat Lady shared, “While I’m surrounded by cats and kittens, there was still this huge hole in my heart.”

She hunted for paralyzed kittens in need but soon realized something. “I figured if a special kitten needed me; they would find me.”

And she was right…

mr fiddlesticks

Meet Mr. Fiddlesticks

Dani the Cat Lady not only fosters cats and kittens but also heads up Runaways Animal Rescue in Holiday, FL. Every day she’s helping felines in need, and while this special cat lady has a love for all the kitties, she certainly has a soft spot for the tiny tabby with a big personality!


Mr. Fiddlesticks came into Dani’s care after a contact at Pasco County Animal Services called her regarding a 4-week-old kitten in Dade City. The tabby kitten was dragging his back legs and in need of special care.


Her first impressions upon meeting the cutie? “He’s the sweetest little doll.”

A sweet doll, he may be, but it looks like Mr. Fiddlesticks has a lot to say…

His face reveals much about his feelings on baths. Dani confirmed, “Mr. Fiddlesticks was not a fan of his bath”…


And when Dani tried “to think of creative ways” to keep his diaper from falling off, the little orange tabby had some choice words about his cute suit!

mr fiddlesticks

Car rides get him talking when he rides along to help Dani pickup other kitties who need her help.


Hope for Mr. Fiddlesticks Stripey Hindsticks

While only time will tell when it comes to Mr. Fiddlesticks’s paralysis, there have been great developments since he began physical therapy in Dani’s care.

She explained, “It was first thought that Mr. Fiddlesticks didn’t have a deep pain sensation, which typically means that there is slim to no chance of regaining mobility. But over the last week, I’ve had him I’ve been doing at home therapy and noticed slight movements in his lower half.”

In kittens with paralysis, its easy to have hopes dashed because of involuntary movements, but in the past few days, Mr. Fiddlesticks has started kicking his little legs!


Dani said, “I couldn’t help but be optimistic about his prognosis for mobility in the future.”

Mr. Fiddlesticks will soon begin his official therapy, giving us all hope for his continued improvements. As he works toward healing, he’s helping Dani the Cat Lady heal her heart too. To them both, keep up the good work!


Feature Image: @danithecatlady/Instagram

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