1964 Dodge 880 Series Custom 880 Station Wagon

In 1964, the Dodge 880 and Custom 880 received their final and most significant redesign within the 1960 body. This overhaul brought forth notable changes, further solidifying their appeal. Let’s take a closer look at the distinctive features and allure of the 1964 Dodge 880 Series Custom 880 Station Wagon.

A Fresh Appearance: Redesign and Features

The 1964 models sported squared rear body contours, showcasing new decklids, wraparound rectangular taillights, and fresh quarter panels. Additionally, four-door models received a new roofline, providing a touch of novelty. The concave grille design, featuring a central horizontal break spanning between the headlights, added elegance to the vehicle’s frontal aesthetics.

Custom 880: The Pinnacle of Luxury

The Custom 880 variant stood at the top of the 880 line, boasting luxurious additions. Stainless steel rocker panel trim, foam-padded seats, and a grooved stainless steel panel between the taillights enhanced its premium appeal. Inside, the Custom 880 offered superior interior appointments compared to the base models, ensuring a comfortable and sophisticated driving experience.

Wagon’s Last Stand: Station Wagon Details

Although the station wagon bodies were shared with Chrysler models, they did not receive all the updates of non-wagon models due to tooling expenses. Notably, wagons retained the heavy rear horizontal blade stamping seen on the 1961 Plymouth wagons. 1964 marked the final year for the hardtop wagon, making Dodge and Chrysler the last American automotive brands to offer this style. Rectangular taillights wrapping around the sides added a touch of elegance to the station wagons.

Enhanced Interior: Instrument Cluster and Leg Room

All 880s and Custom 880s received a redesigned instrument cluster layout, featuring an oil pressure gauge as standard. The thoughtful redesign of the instrument cluster added to the convenience and functionality of the vehicles. Moreover, the front legroom provided ample space for passengers, measuring a comfortable 41.9 inches.

Receiving Praise: Public Reception and Sales

The 1964 Dodge 880 Series Custom 880 received favorable press reviews, lauding its redesign and updates. The public wholeheartedly agreed with the critics, setting a record by purchasing 31,800 vehicles, solidifying the model’s popularity and desirability.


The 1964 Dodge 880 Series Custom 880 Station Wagon holds a special place in automotive history, combining elegance, luxury, and functionality. Its final redesign in the 1960 body brought forth features that continue to allure classic car enthusiasts to this day.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What sets the 1964 Dodge 880 Series Custom 880 Station Wagon apart from other models? The 1964 Custom 880 Station Wagon stands out due to its luxurious features, stylish design, and impressive performance.

Is the Custom 880 variant still sought after by collectors? Yes, the Custom 880 variant is highly sought after by collectors due to its rarity and premium features.

How many 1964 Dodge 880 Series Custom 880 Station Wagons are estimated to be in existence today? While exact numbers are challenging to determine, it is believed that only a limited number of these classic wagons have survived over the years.

What was the significance of the 1964 redesign for the Dodge 880 Series? The 1964 redesign brought a fresh and modern appearance to the 880 Series, attracting positive reviews from critics and consumers alike.

Are there any modern vehicles that pay homage to the 1964 Dodge 880 Series Custom 880 Station Wagon? Some modern vehicles draw design inspiration from classic models like the Custom 880 Station Wagon, showcasing the enduring appeal of this iconic car.

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