Doting Dad’s ‘Infectious Joy’ When He Holds Litter Of Foster Kittens

A young woman who owns a cat cafe had to temporarily shut its doors in 2020 due to the pandemic. She was heartbroken but thankfully came up with the plan to foster more cats and kittens. The young woman still lived at home with her folks and was unsure how her parents would respond to the influx of fosters. She nervously brought the cats home, one by one, anticipating a negative reaction. But her parents, and her dad especially, had the best response! He held each kitten, soothing them with his touch and warmth. His joyous energy was passed to each cat he embraced, and it was infectious!

Since the young lady couldn’t earn money with the cafe, she created a cat bed and toy line with the help of her parents. Her parents had owned a clothing store for 40 years and used their expertise to pick out fabrics and guide their daughter. The business was a smashing success, and because of that, she was able to take in more fosters. The family has fostered 75 cats to date!

Because of this wonderful family, each and every cat has gone on to a loving forever home. The YouTube Short, posted below, is so heartwarming! Thank you to this kind family for helping these beautiful cats find their happily ever after!

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