1967 Pontiac GTO: Unraveling the Rarity of the Rare Optioned 400 V8

Prepare to be captivated by the stunning restoration of a 1967 Pontiac GTO, equipped with the exceptionally rare, low-compression, two-barrel carb version of the 400 V8 engine. This unique configuration, though an economy option producing 255 HP, adds an aura of exclusivity to this classic beauty. Let’s delve into the details of this exceptional GTO and the features that make it a true collector’s dream.

A Rare Gem: The Low-Compression 400 V8

At the heart of this meticulously restored 1967 Pontiac GTO lies the elusive low-compression 400 V8 engine. This two-barrel carbureted variant, while not the most powerful option available, contributes to the car’s uniqueness. With only 2,967 produced with this 6.6-liter 2BBL option, the GTO becomes an even more coveted gem in the world of classic muscle cars.

Driving Pleasure: Automatic Transmission with Dual Gate His & Hers Shifter

The GTO is equipped with an Automatic (Turbo 400) Transmission, complemented by the Dual Gate His & Hers Shifter. This transmission setup enhances the driving experience, offering smooth gear shifts and precise control.

Performance and Stability: Pontiac 10 Bolt Rear w/ 2.90 Saf-T-Track

The Pontiac 10 Bolt Rear with 2.90 Saf-T-Track differential provides optimal performance and stability, ensuring power is efficiently transferred to the wheels. This feature enhances the GTO’s prowess on the road, making it a joy to drive.

Luxury and Convenience: Power Steering and Power Disc Brakes

For added comfort and ease of handling, this GTO comes with Power Steering, making maneuvering a breeze. Additionally, Power Disc Brakes ensure reliable stopping power, adding to the overall safety and confidence while driving this classic beauty.

Interior Comfort: Buckets/Console, Seat Belts, and Factory AM/FM Radio

The Pontiac GTO boasts a luxurious and comfortable interior with Bucket Seats and Console, creating a sporty and sophisticated atmosphere. Seat Belts ensure safety for all occupants, while the Factory AM/FM Radio with Verba Speakers offers a touch of nostalgia and entertainment during drives.

Classic Elegance: Rally Gauge Package and Correct Turquoise Exterior

The Rally Gauge Package, including a Tachometer, adds a touch of performance-oriented elegance to the GTO’s dashboard. The car is beautifully finished in the Correct Mariner Turquoise exterior paint, evoking a sense of timeless style that harks back to the golden age of classic automobiles.

Exquisite Details: Correct Turquoise Vinyl Interior and Pontiac Ralley II Wheels

The interior is adorned with Correct Turquoise Vinyl, providing a tasteful and harmonious color scheme inside the vehicle. Adding to the allure, the Pontiac Ralley II Wheels fitted with BFG Radial T/A Tires complete the classic look with a touch of vintage charm.

Provenance and Collection: From the Private Collection of Michael Chusano

This GTO carries with it a sense of provenance, having been part of the Private Collection of Michael Chusano, known for Cusano Cigars. The car’s history adds an extra layer of fascination to an already exceptional vehicle.

Finest in Class: One of the Finest Examples of Pontiac GTO Muscle

As the restoration showcases, this 1967 Pontiac GTO exemplifies the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its rarity, stunning appearance, and unique specifications place it amongst the top examples of Pontiac GTO muscle cars.

In conclusion, this 1967 Pontiac GTO with its rare optioned 400 V8 is a true testament to automotive history. From its distinguished features to its exquisite restoration, this classic beauty remains a cherished collectible for any car enthusiast. Embodying the essence of the iconic GTO lineage, it continues to ignite the passion of automotive connoisseurs across generations.

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