Unleashing the Time Machine: Reliving the Iconic 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible

The year was 1957, and the automotive industry was abuzz with the revolutionary design of the Plymouth Belvedere Convertible. With its futuristic appeal, this masterpiece by Virgil Exner captured the essence of the future. In this article, we’ll dive into the remarkable features that made the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible an icon of its time.


A Bold Leap Forward

The ‘Forward Look’ campaign introduced by Chrysler Corporation in 1955 set the stage for the Belvedere’s groundbreaking design. However, it was the 1957 model that truly left the competition behind, as if it had jumped three years into the future. The elongated appearance of the Belvedere, despite minimal changes in overall length, made it stand out on the roads. The lower height of the hardtops further contributed to its impressive stature.

Captivating Design Details

One glance at the Belvedere Convertible, and you’re captivated by its charismatic charm. The factory-ordered Carnival Red paint, complemented by a Sand Dune White sport tone stripe, accentuated its allure. This convertible was not only a head-turner but also a pioneer in comfort and luxury. Equipped with air conditioning and the dual-carb Fury V8 engine, it delivered an unforgettable driving experience.

1957 Plymouth Belvedere

A Legacy of Excellence

The Belvedere had been an integral part of Plymouth’s lineup since 1954. Originally introduced as a new hardtop body style in the Plymouth Cranbrook line, it swiftly rose to become the top-of-the-line trim. Available in various body styles, including sedans, convertibles, and station wagons, the Belvedere won the hearts of car enthusiasts across the nation. Its legacy continued until 1970, when it transformed into the intermediate Satellite model.

Power and Performance

Under the hood, the 1957 Belvedere boasted impressive power and performance for its time. The standard engine was a robust inline, L-head six-cylinder unit, delivering 132 horsepower. However, the real excitement came with the optional V8 engines. The base V8 displaced 276.1 cubic inches and produced 197 horsepower, while the top-of-the-line 299.6 cubic-inch V8 delivered an impressive 215 horsepower.

1957 Plymouth Belvedere

Exquisite Styling

The Belvedere Convertible’s styling was a true testament to Virgil Exner’s visionary talent. The wrap-around aluminum grille, vertical air slot bumper, and tower-type tail rear fenders added a touch of elegance. The distinctive Belvedere block letters adorned the rear tailfins, emphasizing its identity. The interior was equally remarkable, featuring luxurious amenities such as full wheel covers, electric clock, lockable glovebox, and more.

A Lasting Impression

The 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible, along with its siblings, the Sport Suburban and Fury, left an indelible mark on the automotive landscape. Their collective sales accounted for almost thirty percent of Plymouth’s impressive 726,009 production figure. The Belvedere Convertible not only turned heads in its heyday but also continues to captivate classic car enthusiasts and collectors to this day.

1957 Plymouth Belvedere


The 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible is a symbol of automotive excellence and timeless design. Its futuristic appearance, powerful performance, and luxurious features set it apart from the competition of its era. From its captivating exterior to its meticulously crafted interior, the Belvedere Convertible represents an era of automotive innovation and style. Owning a piece of history like the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible is like owning a time machine that takes you back to an era of automotive greatness.


Q: How many 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible models were produced?

A: The production of Plymouth’s sole drop-top model reached 9,866 units.

Q: What were the starting prices for the 1957 Belvedere Convertible?

A: Prices for the Belvedere Convertible started at $2,313.

Q: When did production of the full-sized Belvedere end?

A: Production of the full-sized Belvedere continued until 1965, after which it became an intermediate model.

Q: Who was the designer of the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible?

A: The iconic design of the 1957 Belvedere Convertible was the work of Virgil Exner.

Q: What was the most powerful engine option available for the 1957 Belvedere Convertible?

A: The optional 299.6 cubic-inch V8 engine delivered 215 horsepower, providing an exhilarating driving experience.

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