The Remarkable Barn Find of a 1969 Plymouth GTX with an Unforeseen $10,000 Cash Jackpot

Classic car barn finds are gold for enthusiasts, but it’s not every day you stumble upon a 1969 Plymouth GTX with a stash of cash under the driver seat. Ryan Brutt, through his YouTube channel Auto Archaeology, uploaded a video of this amazing once-in-a-lifetime find.

1969 Plymouth GTX Barn Find Discovered with $10,000 in Cash Under the  Driver's Seat - autoevolution

“I went on a trip to Iowa to pick up my green ’71 Dodge Challenger from Noel Automotive of West Branch Iowa. And while I was there, Noel was kind enough to take me a little bit of drive away to go check out a whole bunch of cool cars sitting in a field and a few sitting in the barn,” Brutt said.

“Here I am in Iowa, looking at a whole bunch of cool cars, and it’s a farmer’s junkyard I guess you could say, and he collected cool cars like this Imperial, and a Cordoba, and some front-wheel-drive stuff. There used to be a Challenger that was sitting over there that’s been rescued already,” Brutt said.

The yard had a lot of gems including a 1964 Impala SS, 1969 Plymouth GTX, 1969 Plymouth Fury, and what they came for, a Dodge Challenger RT 340 automatic.

The yard owner had a lot of cool cars. It’s not clear if he was looking to restore them later, or was just collecting them for fun. He passed away, unfortunately, and the family was liquidating the cars. Most of the vehicles are in terrible shape, with some rusted down to the ground.

“The crew from Noel Automotive did find ten grand in cash underneath the front seat of the 1969 Plymouth GTX. What has occurred was, the owner, over the last, we don’t know how long had been stashing envelopes full of about $1,000 underneath the front seat,” Brutt revealed.

The owner did not tell a soul that the money was there. Brutt and the Noel Automotive team, however, did the right thing and gave the money back to the family.

“It was really cool to uncover so much money without anyone knowing about it,” Brutt confessed.

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