Terrified Dog Abandoned In Rain Refuses To Move Until Woman Wrapped Her In A Blanket

Valinda Cortez was making her way, to a convenience store dressed in her pajamas and flip flops when she noticed a dog sitting alone in the parking lot. The rain was pouring down. The dog seemed unwilling to budge. It was evident that the poor creature had been abandoned and was terrified for its safety.

Feeling sympathy for animals Valinda stepped out of her car. Gently wrapped a blanket around the shivering pup. Initially the dog didn’t react all not even when Valinda reached out a helping hand.

Determined to gain the dogs trust Valinda stayed with it in the parking lot for some time. The dogs fur was. Tangled, with a cut on its leg. A heartbreaking sight for Valinda.

To seek assistance for their friend Valinda contacted Sue Massi. Her companion who also dedicates herself to rescuing local strays. Sue promptly arrived at the scene along with an animal control officer. Working together they managed to coax the dog into entering their vehicle so it could be transported safely to a shelter.

Within a days of receiving love and care from kind hearted individuals, like Valinda and Sue Cassie. As they named her. Began to regain her joyous spirit once again.

After being cleaned up she looks completely different! 🙂

“I feel like humans had let her down. I hope that with the food, warm blanket and love I provided her she will start to regain trust, in people ” Valinda shared with The Dodo.

Cassie is now being matched with the adopters and Valinda believes there’s a lesson to be learned from the dogs story;

“There are always choices ” she said. “Imagine if I had ignored this hungry dog and just kept driving. She could have frozen to death. Been hit by a car, among things. It’s not that difficult to find a shelter that would take care of your pet.”

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