The 1966 Dodge Charger – A Remarkable Survivor, Still Original and Unrestored After Years of Resting

Beginning with a 318 (5.2 liter) two-barrel engine and going all the way up to a 426 (7.0 liter) with two four-barrel carburetors, the first Charger saw the light of day in mid-1966 with V8 engines.

The 426, however, is a rather uncommon sight today, not just because they are difficult to obtain in excellent condition, but also because Dodge only produced less than 500 examples of it for this model year.

1966 Dodge Charger Sitting for Years Is Still Original and Unrestored - autoevolution

In fact, not too many ’66 Chargers got to see daylight in the first place, as Dodge made fewer than 38,000 of them before the first facelift was introduced in 1967.

1966 Dodge Charger Sitting for Years Is Still Original and Unrestored - autoevolution

The 1966 Charger that we have here is a survivor of this first-year model, though as you can easily tell by simply checking out the photos in the gallery, it’s been having a really hard time lately.

The car doesn’t come in its best shape, so eBay seller zac.spri has posted it online, hoping someone would be willing to buy the Charger and give it a second chance.

The vehicle hasn’t been driven in about 10 years, and while we’re not being told if the 383 under the hood is still running, there’s a chance it’d require a series of fixes before getting back on the road.

So don’t be too surprised if the engine no longer starts, though there’s a chance it’s not yet locked from sitting given the car has been parked for only a year.

We don’t know how complete this Charger still is, but on the other hand, the seller guarantees the car is still as original as it gets, as nothing has ever been restored.

So at the end of the day, it’s a rare Charger that’s certainly worth a second chance, and by the looks of things, quite a lot of people think the same too.

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