Cat Saved A Soldier And Fate Brought Them Together Forever

The narrative of Joshua Marnio, a Purple Heart veteran with a history of service in Iraq, is a testament to the profound impact pets can have on our lives, especially those rescued from adversity. Marnio’s life was dramatically altered when he was caught in an explosion while on duty, resulting in multiple concussions and a traumatic brain injury. Despite no visible wounds, the internal scars left him battling the invisible effects of his service.

This story, spotlighted by 11 Alive, delves into how a rescue animal can not only provide companionship but also contribute to the healing process, offering a sense of hope and renewal to those who have endured significant trauma.

Image Source: Mutual Rescue via YouTube


After being transferred to Ft. Riley in Kansas, Joshua Marnio found himself grappling with the lingering aftereffects of his experiences in Iraq. Although he was now safely back on American ground, the psychological and emotional repercussions of his service continued to profoundly affect his daily life.

“I was waking up and going to sleep with headaches,” he said in the story. “It really tests your metal when nobody believes you. It gets to the point where it felt like no one understands.”

Image Source: Mutual Rescue via YouTube


When life felt too tough to bear, the soldier typed up a suicide note and stood outside his barracks, in the rain, to smoke his last cigarette.

That’s when he met a stray tuxedo cat … and everything changed.

Watch the remarkable story below:


It’s amazing that Scout first appeared in Marnio’s life at the exact right time, and even more incredible that they were reunited a second time.

This story is a beautiful testament to the powerful impact that pets can have on our lives – including saving them.

Image Source: Mutual Rescue via YouTube


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