Restoring the Glory of a 1969 Pontiac Firebird, a Journey of Redemption

A 1969 Pontiac Firebird that is this close to becoming a rust bucket is now fighting for survival if someone out there is willing to give it a second chance.

As one of the best classics in what looks to be a junkyard, this 1969 Firebird is a challenging project, especially given it lacks several important parts.

The vehicle no longer has an engine or a transmission, and the interior is full of fresh air, as it donated its seats to another project. As such, this Firebird seems to tick the essential boxes for a restomod or full restoration, though that’s the buyer’s choice once they get their hands on the car.

No information was provided on the engine that once put the wheels in motion on this Firebird.

The 1969 model year was available with three different engine choices and many more power outputs, but the most common configurations were the 250 (4.0-liter) and the 350 (5.7-liter) units. Over 45,000 Firebirds produced for this model year were fitted with a 250 unit, most of them using the standard one-barrel engine with an automatic transmission.

As far as the 350 is concerned, the 2-barrel unit paired with an automatic transmission was the top choice, as nearly 36,000 such Firebirds rolled off the assembly lines for this model year.

As such, chances are this Firebird was also powered by one of these engines. But given the lack of a powerplant, the owner could theoretically go for pretty much any choice, especially if they are aiming for a restomod.

The condition of this Firebird isn’t the best either. Both the trunk and the floors have already been invaded by rust, so whoever buys the car should be ready for some serious patches. Rust damage can also be spotted on the outside, but for a clearer picture of everything, you should just go check out everything in person.

Now, let’s talk money. The car was posted on eBay with a $5,000 selling price, and given the lack of parts and the metal condition, I believe this is quite an ambitious expectation. A solid Firebird project that still has an engine typically sells at the same price, eventually making the restoration less of a challenge.

On the other hand, Firebirds are pretty hard to find these days, let alone a 1969 model year, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone ends up buying this example as well.

eBay seller classiccarsofsc also accepts other offers, so if you want to buy the car, just reach out to them. The vehicle is parked in Gray Court, South Carolina, and given the vehicle isn’t selling at auction, it will likely remain available for as long as needed.

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