1971 Plymouth Barracuda

There are two kinds of Those that do

On the left you see one of Plymouth’s super-tough 1971 ‘Cudas. A 340 cubic incher.

1971 Plymouth Barracuda Has Withstood The Test Of Time [w/Video] | Carscoops

We recommend the ‘Cuda 340 for those of you who tend to prefer the merits of a lightweight, high-winding egngine … for those of you who are well aware that Swede Savage is not a Swede … and for those of you who just simply won’t be happy with anything less than a for-real sporty car.

Like all ‘Cudas, the ‘Cuda 340 possesses an incredibly well engineered underside. (‘Cudas carry virtually the same brawny chassis setup as our intermediate-size Supercars.)

Heavy-duty torsion bars, rear shock absorbers, rear springs, ball joints, front and rear anti-sway bars and brakes all come standard.

Now then, for you hard core straight-liners out there, there’s the car on the right, and its legendary engine to consider -the Hemi-‘Cuda.

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