Veterinarian Couple Create The Cutest Bandages For Their Injured Kitty’s Tail

Fluffy feline sisters, Maple and Fern, have taken Instagram by storm with their adorable antics. Using the handle “MaplexFern,” these one-year-old littermates assist their parents (who are BOTH veterinarians) in teaching their followers about all things cat.

Their most viral Instagram Reel to date was released last week and has since accumulated over one million views. In this video, one of the fluff-ball kitties, Fern (the Grey Tabby), can be seen sporting a variety of fun and stylish bandage designs on her tail.

Fern’s tail was injured in an unfortunate accident, and a small portion had to be surgically removed. She is expected to make a full recovery, but in the meantime, Fern has to wear a bandage over the tail until it fully heals. So her owners decided to have some fun with it!

“Fern sustained an injury to her tail, and the tip of her tail needed to be surgically removed. We kept the bandage on until the sutures were ready to be removed! Her surgical site has healed now, and we are waiting for her floof to grow back out 💜 ” – MaplexFern

Some of the adorable designs included on the now-viral Insta Reel include The Mermaid, The Flower, The Canadian Flag, The Carrot, and The Banana. In each clip, Fern can be seen waving her fluffy tail around for the camera. She really seems to be enjoying the attention!

Followers of the page love Fern’s adorable and unique bandages. They have taken to voting for their favorite in the comments:

“This is epic!” said one user, while another followed with, “Omg, this is funny 😹😹 the banana is my favorite !!!!! Or the traffic cone. Very creative ❤️.”

Sisters Fern and Maple were adopted last year from a Canadian animal shelter.

“They (Maple and Fern) were adopted from a local shelter in Prince Edward Island (Canada).”, says their owner, “Maple was hospitalized at the vet hospital we were working at, and we chanced upon her and found out she was up for adoption with her sister! We met Fern later, and the rest is history.” – MaplexFern


Since their adoption, these sisters have been on many adventures together, exploring forests, mountains, rivers, and more! The photos featured on their Instagram channel are BREATHTAKING.

In addition to capturing these gorgeous fluffs on film, their owners routinely use the channel to interact and educate followers on topics like cat-friendly travel tips, advice on how to pill your cat, and recommendations on monitoring your cat’s weight (something many owners have difficulty with).


In addition to the obvious perk of viewing these gorgeous girls, followers love receiving helpful (and free!) advice from qualified veterinarians who understand, from personal experience, both the joys and the difficulties of cat ownership.

Featured Image: Instagram

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