Clowder Of Teeny Foster Kitties Mends Woman’s Heavy Heart

Valentina took in her first litter of foster kittens after a woman found them abandoned on a roof. Valentina named the adorable clowder El Profesor, Tokyo, Rio, and Berlin and prepared herself for quite the adventure. The two-week-old kittens needed around-the-clock care.

The foster mom fed the babies every 3-4 hours, stimulated their bodies to go potty, and gave them all the love in the world. They did great until El Profesor became ill. He suddenly stopped eating, which is a death sentence for a kitten that small. Valentina did all she could, praying he’d make it. That’s when someone special stepped in to help!

Valentina’s mom has a beautiful black cat with a golden heart. She sensed that El Profesor was sick and held him tight. She gave him that feline motherly love he craved. Valentina was petrified when she realized she might lose her first foster, knowing that pain all too well.

Before Valentina started rescuing animals, her dog Simone had passed away suddenly. Simone’s passing and her grief inspired Valentina to start her own animal sanctuary. She says that taking care of foster animals has healed her heart and advises anyone who struggles with mental illness to look into adopting a pet. To meet the adorable kittens, and see Valentina’s rewarding work, click ‘play’ below.

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