At 23, Queen Lily Has Reigned In Her Dad’s Heart For Four Decades

Queen Lily has reigned over the world across four decades. That’s right; this kitty has seen the 90s, 00s, 10s, and now the 20s. And throughout Lily’s long twenty-three years, Reece Alexander-Putinas has been delighted to be her best friend.

Born in 1999, little Lily found her way to an eleven-year-old Reece. And since they met, the pair have been inseparable. They’re the best of friends, and Reece credits his dear girl with teaching him the truth of friendship, love, compassion, and loyalty. He is so proud of the astonishing age Queen Lily achieved. To celebrate her impressive 23rd birthday, GeoBeats featured Queen Lily in an adorable and touching ode to the bond between a cat and her dad.

The Long Reign of a Queen

Reece said friends are stunned when they learn Queen Lily is in her twenties, saying in the video, “There’s not many cats on the planet that have reached the age of 23.”

And he credits their closeness as one key to Queen Lily’s longevity, sharing, “I suppose the love and bond we share just keeps her going.”

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But that bond goes both ways, with Reece always able to keep moving forward thanks to having her by his side. Lily has seen him through many of life’s ups and downs, with the two of them growing up together.

“She’s been through so much with me. She’s been through my high school, secondary school, girlfriends, my first heartbreak, just so much in 23 years.”

“When I look at her, I just feel such warmth inside. The older the pets get, they require a lot more care and attention, but I love it. She’s sort of looking at me like, ‘I know that you are giving the best life you can to me.’”

Of his “ultimate companion,” Reece said, “To me, the older she gets, it’s a blessing.”

The Blessing of Time

With this blessing of time, the pair grows closer still every day through simply being together. As Queen Lily has aged, she still enjoys doing all the cat things, but she likes to know Reece is close and ready to lavish love when she demands. And Reece is more than happy to provide his Queen with anything she wants.

Like many cats, Queen Lily enjoys her time in the sun, snacking on delicious treats and nibbling on the houseplants! Reece has learned keeping the leaves trimmed is the best way to deal with his girl’s plant passion. But don’t think Queen Lily a naughty diva cat. She’s quite the opposite, really. This benevolent monarch has never hissed at or scratched Reece in their long years together. He’s truly proved to be the best peasant ever, so there’s been no need to admonish him!

Gone, But Forever Remembered

But sadly, nothing lasts forever, and just days after the world lost Queen Elizabeth II, it also lost Queen Lily. But even in her last days, this goodhearted kitty had love and purrs to comfort Reece before she went.

“I was not prepared for my world to come crashing down in 2022,” Reece shared on Queen Lily’s Instagram page. “Losing my furry soulmate broke my heart, and I will never forget the last year I got to spend with my queen!”

Reece also thanked Lily’s fans for their love, writing, “Looking back, I wouldn’t have the memories and videos if it weren’t for all you amazing cat lovers, and I want to thank you for following our journey!”

And thanks to his feline best friend, Reece explained he learned important lessons that he will carry with him always, writing, “Lily taught me to unconditionally love and live life to the fullest.”

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Feature Image: @queen_lily_99/Instagram

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