Brave Chicken Takes Three Orphaned Kittens Under Her Wing

Cats love chicken in their food bowls, but do they love actual living chickens?

Three orphaned kittens sure do after a hen took them under her wing. Luckily for us, the farmer who found them together had his camera ready and caught video of the adorable discovery. The unbelievable moment sits at almost 350k views on TikTok.

When Kurdish farmer Goran A. Surchi heard meowing coming from his chicken coop, he sensed trouble at hand, perhaps a feline trying to make a meal of a chicken. But when he arrived at the coop, he found no cats, yet still, there were little mews in the air.

Hen Lee sat unbothered, gently clucking, seemingly unbothered by whatever cats were haunting the coop. Approaching the chicken, Goran realized the cat noises were coming from beneath her. Before he investigated any further, he brought out his camera, because he knew this would be a sight to behold.

Goran told Bored Panda, “When I realized that the meows were coming from under the chicken, I decided to record it so as not to miss this unique moment.”

His instincts were right.

Lifting the big hen and her skirt of feathers, three little tabby kitten rumps appeared! But these tabby babies weren’t any kind of shy and immediately greeted Goran from the warmth of their adopted mother’s protection.

Where is Mom?

While the kittens were safe with chicken mom Lee, a question still lingered, where was their mother?

Sadly, Goran discovered the unfortunate answer, “she drowned in a lake near the farm.” And somehow, Lee the chicken sensed these babies were alone and in need of mothering.

“Amazing how our chicken seemed to know the story, thus resolving to take care of the kittens.”



More proof that animals are pure souls and we love them so much for it! As for the kittens, Goran posted a video to TikTok two days after finding Lee and the kittens, revealing the discovery of another mom cat and her kittens.

Purrhaps Lee’s furry brood will be able to have some playdates with them, while Goran supervises, of course. After all, cats love chicken, and while the kittens may not be hungry for Lee, the newly discovered mom is a feisty thing who looks like she would certainly enjoy a taste of fresh hen!

Lee and her kittens aren’t the only cat/chicken combo stealing hearts. Check out this cool cat and the chicks who love him!



♬ الصوت الأصلي – goran.a.surchi

Feature Image: @goran.surchi/TikTok

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