Cat Walks For The First Time After Getting Rare Prosthetic Legs From The Iowa State University

Everyone, meet Vincent–a two-legged cat who walked for the very first time after he got fitted with very rare prosthetic legs from the Iowa State University.

Vincent was surrendered to the Story County Animal Shelter in Iowa when he was just little. Cindy Jones, a woman who worked there, saw Vincent and immediately fell in love with him. So she took Vincent home with her. Vincent was missing two of his hind legs, and since Cindy loved him so much, she wanted to help Vincent walk.

Source: ISUNewsService - YouTube

Source: ISUNewsService – YouTube

Her love for Vincent led her to the Iowa State University where Dr. Mary Sarah Bergh, and veterinary orthopedics company BioMedtrix decided to design implants for Vincent.

Source: ISUNewsService - YouTube

Source: ISUNewsService – YouTube

Watch the video below and see how Vincent got his legs and walked for the very first time!

Just look at him go! Vincent is starting to get used to his new legs. And according to the doctor, his bones are looking great and the implants are stable.

Source: ISUNewsService - YouTube

Source: ISUNewsService – YouTube

According to the YouTube video description, the procedure that Vincent went through is so rare, that Dr. Bergh estimates fewer than 25 animals in the world have ever had a similar surgery.

So a big thank you to everyone who helped Vincent walk! You guys are truly amazing!

You can read more about Vincent’s story at The Dodo or Iowa State University’s website.

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