Kitten Wanders Into Fire Department & Steals A Firefighter’s Heart

Sometimes it’s the rescuer who finds the kitten that needs to be rescued. But there are also times, when the kitten that needs to be rescued is the one that finds his rescuer. Just like this kitten named Ash.

Ash is a stray kitten who walked into fire department, climbed onto a fireman’s shoulder, and captured his heart. The photos were shared by Reddit user Ehraim325, and he shared his story to LoveMeow.

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He told LoveMeow that he works for a rural volunteer department. And one guy there, the one who was left at the station, was feeding a mother cat and her kittens. When Ephraim325 and his fellow firefighter came from a water rescue, they noticed a tiny kitten following them around.

Source: Ephraim325 - Reddit via LoveMeow

Source: Ephraim325 – Reddit via LoveMeow

They named the adorable little kitty, Ash. The firefighter noticed that Ash was sick. He already had a cat, so he took care of Ash for a few days, and then called his parents for help.

Source: Ephraim325 - Reddit via LoveMeow

Source: Ephraim325 – Reddit via LoveMeow

Fortunately, his parents agreed to take care of the kitty. And upon seeing that Ash was sick, they took him to the vet. There they found out that he had 4 types of worms, fleas, parasites, a respiratory tract infection, and an ear infection.

Source: Ephraim325 - Reddit via LoveMeow

Source: Ephraim325 – Reddit via LoveMeow

The firefighter’s parents were so generous to pay the bill themselves. They had the intention of having the kitty adopted to a family friend, but this kitty was just so sweet that they fell in love with him and decided to keep him.

Source: Ephraim325 - Reddit via LoveMeow

Source: Ephraim325 – Reddit via LoveMeow

Now Ash is living happily and comfortably with his new parents, and their 13 year old Pekingese named Lucy.

This lucky kitty wandered to the right place, climbed up the shoulders of the right man, and he snuggled right into the hearts of his family. So it’s not just us who choose our cats, sometimes, it’s our cats who choose us.

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