1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack

Unveiling the Legend: The 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack

In the world of classic muscle cars, few names carry as much weight as the 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack. This remarkable vehicle is one of approximately 2,400 examples produced to homologate the model for competition in the SCCA’s Trans-Am series. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the history, specifications, and unique features that make this Challenger T/A a true automotive icon.

1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack

A Burst of Burnt Orange

The car left the factory in Dark Burnt Orange, but its journey didn’t stop there. In 1986, it underwent a transformation, donning its current eye-catching shade of orange with bold black side stripes. The T/A’s unmistakable appearance includes a matte-black fiberglass hood with a raised intake scoop, blacked-out headlight and taillight panels, and a set of front and rear spoilers. Hood pins, chrome-finished bumpers, color-keyed racing mirrors, “340 Six Pack” graphics, and polished dual side-exit exhaust outlets complete the striking exterior. The trim tag even confirms the factory-installed black vinyl roof.

1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack

Riding on Rallye Wheels

Complementing its bold exterior, the Challenger T/A rolls on silver 15″ Rallye wheels adorned with polished trim rings. These wheels are wrapped in staggered-width Goodyear Polyglas GT white-letter tires, providing both style and performance. Inside the trunk, you’ll find a non-matching spare tire, just in case. The T/A’s Rallye Suspension ensures a smooth ride with a larger front sway bar, a rear sway bar, heavy-duty shock absorbers, and enhanced rear spring camber. Stopping power is provided by power-assisted discs in the front and drums in the rear.

1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack

A Burnt Orange Oasis

Stepping inside, you’ll be greeted by a cabin upholstered in Burnt Orange vinyl. The front bucket seats and rear bench match the Burnt Orange theme, creating a cohesive and visually appealing interior. The color-coordinated dashboard, door panels, and carpets add to the car’s charm. Woodgrain trim accents the center console and instrument panel, while creature comforts include a heater/defroster, a floor-mounted shifter, lap belts, T/A-branded floor mats, and a Chrysler push-button AM radio.

1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack

Power and Performance

Under the hood lies the heart of this beast: a 340ci “Six Pack” V8 engine. This powerhouse boasts three two-barrel carburetors and is adorned with an orange-painted engine block, intake manifold, air cleaner assembly, and valve covers. In 1986, it received an overhaul, including a replacement camshaft. An oil change was recently performed in October 2022, ensuring that this classic muscle car still has plenty of life left in it.

1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack

Road-Ready Performance

Power is transferred to the rear wheels through a three-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission and a 3.91:1 Sure Grip rear axle. A shift kit, added by a previous owner, adds a dose of extra excitement to the driving experience. While chips in the paint along the rocker panels bear witness to its adventures, this Challenger T/A remains a true road warrior.

1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack

Documentation and Title

For the meticulous collector, this Challenger T/A comes with a fender tag and a decoded Production Broadcast sheet, offering insights into its history and specifications. Additionally, the sale includes an operator’s manual and a car cover, adding to the completeness of this automotive gem. The Pennsylvania title comes with an antique brand, highlighting its historical significance.

1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack

In conclusion, the 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack stands as a testament to American muscle car history. Its distinctive appearance, powerful engine, and racing pedigree make it a coveted piece of automotive heritage. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or simply a fan of classic cars, this Challenger T/A deserves a spot in the spotlight.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack a rare model?
    • Yes, it’s one of approximately 2,400 examples produced for racing homologation.
  2. What is the significance of the “Six Pack” in the engine’s name?
    • The “Six Pack” refers to the three two-barrel carburetors used, enhancing its performance.
  3. Can I drive this Challenger T/A on the streets?
    • Absolutely, it’s road-ready and comes with modern conveniences like power-assisted front disc brakes.
  4. How has this car been maintained over the years?
    • It received an engine overhaul in 1986 and had recent oil maintenance in 2022.
  5. Is the Challenger T/A’s history documented?
    • Yes, it comes with a Production Broadcast sheet, operator’s manual, and historical title documentation.


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