Mama Cat Breaks Into Vet Clinic To Reunite With Her Kittens Who Had Been Dumped There

While there are several animals that do not have the strongest maternal instincts, a cat is most certainly not one of them. A good mother cat is loving, nurturing–and above all, protective. We’ve seen the way mama cats carry their young by the scruff of their neck, bathe them, nurse them, and teach them the ways of the cat like any loving mother would teach her children.

Recently in New Zealand, a strange thing occurred that proves just how strong the bond is between a mother and her kittens. When the workers of Mill Road Vet Clinic arrived to work one morning, they were strangely surprised to find a cardboard box at their doorstep. From this tiny box was a litter of 3-4 week old tabby kittens, with no mother in sight to care for them. This was unusual for the clinic for such a thing to occur, and rather then take them into the SPCA, they decided to care for the kittens themselves until they were old enough to be adopted out to loving families.

“We took them in and got them all set up in the incubator. We all fell in love with them. We did have the option of taking them to the SPCA but decided because they were so adorable we were happy to look after them,” Dr. Julie Wills, DVM told The Northern Advocate.

But then something peculiar happened within a 24 hour time frame. A small tabby kept showing up the door of the facility, struggling to sneak in each and every time the door was open. The staff wondered what this was all about, but it wasn’t until this cat finally made it past someone not quick enough did they figure everything out. THIS CAT WAS THE MOTHER OF THE KITTENS!

“Even when dogs came through the door this cat was trying to muscle its way through,” said Wills.

A video that shows the mother reunited with her precious babies:

In a moment that was filled with so much emotion for the cats and humans alike, watching this mother who was determined to be reunited with her children spoke volumes. Share this incredible testament of a mother’s love with your friends!!


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