Since She Can’t Have Babies Of Her Own, Koko The Gorilla Receives The Love Of Kittens

It’s amazing for such a large animal with so much power, their only predator is a human being. We will never be face-to-face with gorillas, with the exclusion of a zoo visit, but these large mammals can be some of the kindest and gentlest creatures on earth for those that they love.

If you’ve never heard of Koko the gorilla before, she was famously taught sign language. As it says on Koko’s website: Project Koko is the longest running interspecies communication in history and the only one involving gorillas with an emphasis on enhanced care and wellbeing.


Koko loves babies, as she signs often to her communicators. Yet sadly, she is unable to have any of her own. After signing “cat” repeatedly, her humans decided it was time to give her a pleasant surprise for her 44th birthday: kittens!

I love how she signed to her humans for the kitten to go on top of her head! So precious:)

We are sure that those kittens are going to receive lots of love from their new “momma”! Share this sweet video with your kitten-lover friends!


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