Rediscovering the Untouched 1967 SS 396 Camaro Hidden in a Barn for Over 4 Decades

Take a look at this, 1967 SS 396 Camaro Barn Find Parked 43 Years!!


To be perfectly honest about it, videos like these give us mixed feelings, since as always we love to see a great car like this, at the same time it kills us to see something as original as this stay in a garage for all this time.


This is a 1967 Camaro SS 396, which is actually one of only 1138 L78 made which produce 375 horsepower, a number that in 1967 was awe-inspiring.

005 johnson 1967 chevrolet camaro SS396 wheel tire sunk in dirt

Stored since 1975, it is now up for grabs since after all that time these folks decided that it is time to let it go so somebody can get this icon back on the road and give it all of its former glory back.

007 johnson 1967 chevrolet camaro SS396 cowl tag

A car like this will be going for a nice lump of cash but we also know that whoever buys it will have to spend quite a few bucks to negate all those storage years, but at least he will know that he is driving a part of American Muscle car history, check it out.

011 johnson 1967 chevrolet camaro SS396 rear



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