This Unusual Breed Is Taking Over The Internet! Meet The Werewolf Cats!

A breed of cat is gaining popularity online and is taking over the internet–they call them the Werewolf Cats!

The Lykoi breed, also known as the Werewolf Cat, is not a designer breed but rather, a special breed that resulted from a natural mutation. Lykoi means Werewolf in Greek–thus the name Werewolf Cat.

Dr. John Gobble, a veterinarian and founding breeder of the Lykoi, says that the breed is a mutation from two different litters of Domestic Shorthair cats that he and his wife–Brittney Gobble, were breeding. The Lykoi cats have similar personalities to dogs, and they even wag their tails!

Source: Brittney Gobble Photography / Buzz 360

Source: Brittney Gobble Photography / Buzz 360

There are currently only 57 black Lykoi cats, and the demand for them is rising. There is even a waitlist, with prices going up to $2,500! (People know that there are cats all over the world stuck in shelters, right?!?)

Watch the video below and learn more about this unusual breed!

Strange but beautiful, aren’t they? What do you think?

For more beautiful photos of the Lykoi breed, visit Brittney Gobble’s photography website at, or drop by her Facebook Page.

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